Vignobles gonfrier

  • L'élevage des vins

Ageing of the wines

The Vignobles Gonfrier possess one of the Bordeaux region’s largest ageing cellars, with a capacity of 5,000 French-oak barrels.

After blending, the red wines mature 12 months in barrels. 20% of our barrels are replaced yearly, for a complete renewal of all our barrels every five years. Thanks to this particular approach to ageing, our red wines combine suppleness and power in the mouth with complex red-berry aromas and ripe tannins. Like all great Bordeaux wines, our reds benefit from ageing, and are best enjoyed after 3 to 5 years.

A selection of our whites and all of our sweet wines are vinified and aged in barrels. In this manner, we obtain lively white wines with citrusy aromas and nice volume in the mouth.

Our rosés and our clairet are aged in tanks prior to bottling. Our rosé wines are a very pale pink colour, and light, fruity, soft and aromatic in the mouth. Our clairets are characterized by their fleshiness and lovely ruby red colour.