Vignobles gonfrier

  • Notre expertise qualité

Our quality expertise


We at the Vignobles Gonfrier believe our primary concern is to meet the requirements and the satisfaction of our consumers and customers.

To meet our ever-higher standards for guaranteeing the safety and quality of our products, we constantly refine our practices. To this end, quality-control measures covering all of our activities are implemented and updated.

Our approach not only meets all Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards in accordance with current legislation, but goes even further, thanks notably to an AFNOR assessment carried out in 2017. This risk analysis tool monitors each stage of the production process and allows us to anticipate any health threat to consumers.

In addition, our bottling line is in the process of being awarded International Food Standardisation (IFS) certification, which will offer yet another guarantee of our estate’s quality expertise to professionals and individual consumers alike.

At the environmental level, Vignobles Gonfrier now has over 200 hectares of certified Organic Agriculture (AB, NOP). Thanks to our savoir-faire in organic farming since 2010 and to the enthusiasm for this approach, the surface area concerned is tending to increase with each Vintage.

We are also a member of the 1st Bordeaux Wine SME Association to be certified ISO 14001 (internationally recognized environmental certification) and at the core of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach we were evaluated by ECOVADIS  that awarded us Silver Medal in 2022.
All these commitments allow us to enhance our way of working.