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  • Château de Lyde

Château de Lyde

Château de Lyde is a splendid edifice, most of which dates from the 17th century, we find the year 1622 engraved in the courtyard of the Château. The Garlot family bought the Château de Lyde in 1993, they undertook major renovations, thus bringing back the classified historic Monument Château all its splendor from the past. Its chapel, decorated with a famous painting by the artist Larreydi, is listed as a historic heritage ; Masses are still said there.
The Estate had been split in 1973 and the vineyard is now operated by the Gonfrier family. Located in the town of Baurech 22 kilometers south-east of Bordeaux, it enjoys a magnificent gravelly soil on hillsides exposed to the south, which promote the excellent maturity of the wines thanks to optimal natural drainage.