Vignobles gonfrier

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The men

The richness of our teams

Endowed with the family values and sense of solidarity inspired by Paul Gonfrier, the various teams of the Vignobles Gonfrier naturally give their very best in order to place all their technical skills and know-how at the service of producing the estate’s top-quality wines.

• All 520 hectares are overseen by Philippe, Thibault and Paul Gonfrier, surrounded by a score of experienced permanent employees. Well aware of the vineyards’ extensive surface area, the technical team utilizes high-precision tools to take into account the plots’ vast variability.

• Vinification and ageing are managed by Eric Gonfrier, assisted by an experienced technical team comprising two maîtres de chai and five œnologists. This wealth of expertise allows for the full expression of each individual wine and the production of blends ever in accordance with the ambitions and terroirs of the Vignobles Gonfrier. 

• An experienced team is in charge of ensuring the smooth functioning of the bottling line.

• The estate’s sales and administrative staff ensure the essential tasks of overseeing the wines’ marketing and distribution, as well as keeping our clients and suppliers ever well-informed and up-to-date. The arrival in 2018 of Guillaume Gonfrier, with the support of his father Eric, will enable the Vignobles Gonfrier to open up new markets on all five continents, while also allowing the estate to become truly world-renowned for the quality of its wines. 

• Lending the utmost importance to quality service, as well as to socio-environmental changes and developments, the Vignobles Gonfrier function in a manner ever respectful of both consumers and the local communities. The arrival of Romain Manero as Quality Engineer ensures and further strengthens this responsible policy, with a focus on food safety, limiting the estate’s environmental impact and the implementation of new quality certifications (IFS, Terra Vitis, AB, ISO 14001, etc.).

• Thanks to its policy of continual training, the exceptional cohesion and motivation of its employees and the hosting of apprentices pursuing a variety of training programmes (engineers, technicians, etc.), the Vignobles Gonfrier are able to offer excellence at every step and to everyone involved.