Vignobles gonfrier

  • HVE

HVE3 (“High Environmental Value”)
and Agriculture Raisonnée (“Sustainable Agriculture”) certifications

The Vignobles Gonfrier practice so-called agriculture raisonnée (“sustainable agriculture”), as illustrated by the estate’s implementation of numerous environmentally-friendly measures.

After acquiring Agriculture Raisonnée certification in 2005, today all of our vineyards also benefit from HVE3 (“High Environmental Value, level 3”) certification. The highest certification of this category, HVE3 guarantees our mastery of numerous environmental parameters, such as the storage, utilization and recycling of plant-care products. In this manner, we systematically favour alternative techniques to the use of chemicals (for instance, working the soil or mowing, rather than weeding).

In addition, the waste and by-products produced by our activity are recycled, and our effluents are disposed of and treated at our own facilities.

The protection of biodiversity is also of major concern for us. We maintain and deploy a great many on-site agro-ecological infrastructures that guarantee a high degree of biodiversity. The presence of varied plant and animal life ensures the ecological equilibrium of our terroirs.

To further reinforce these measures, the Vignobles Gonfrier committed themselves in late 2014 to the collaborative approach of the CIVB (“Bordeaux Wine Council”) seeking to set up an environmental management system with the goal of establishing a certification system in 2016 (meeting ISO 14001 international standards).