Vignobles gonfrier

  • Terra Vitis

Terra Vitis

Since the 2018 vintage, the Vignobles Gonfrier have made the choice to adopt the Terra Vitis methods. This sustainable certification, created in 1998 and approaching the vineyard as a whole, put the respect of the environment and ‘Man’ at its core.
By continuing to innovate for the future while ensuring a flawless traceability, the Vignobles Gonfrier commit themselves to rationalise their inputs, protect the biomass as well as respect the men and women’s work and the transmission of values to the future generations.

The following points highlight some of the projects that have been processed fully respecting the Terra Vitis charter.

The Implementation of a total transparency, from the vines to the glass
We are now able to provide the origin of our wines as well as every stages of the wine production (Suppliers, parcels, storage, bottling, etc.).

The perpetual search to learn more about our terroirs
We are fully aware about the importance of a good understanding of our terroir. Thus, every year, we carry out a significant work of soils analysis in order to broaden our knowledge on the needs of each of our parcels (nutrient contents, etc.). Simultaneously of those analyses, the Vignobles Gonfrier technical team uses the soils analysis made by the ENITAB in 2001 and sharpens them by digging soil pits at the heart of our plots. Indeed, despite the great precision of the available technological tools, it is by looking as closely as possible that we will have the opportunity to learn more.

The development of the sustainable agriculture
We are more and more willing to limit our ecological footprint. To do so, we record every intervention in order to reduce the amount of useless actions. Indeed, thanks to the developing of the new technologies, we can now, easily follow the works in progress and maximise our co-workers ‘efficiency. Moreover, the knowledge enhancement of our terroirs gives us the opportunity to optimise and rationalise phytosanitary treatments and reduce the amount of passage inside our vineyards.

The enhancement of the CSR policy
Our employees’ well-being is our priority and we try to fulfill their training courses’ wishes. Moreover, we encourage them to be more and invested in their jobs and keep improving by helping each other.