Vignobles gonfrier

  • Château Lestiac

Château de Lestiac

Bordeaux blanc moelleux

Château de Lestiac carries the same name as the district in which it is located, 25 kilometers southeast of Bordeaux, on the right bank of the Garonne River. The wine is vinified at Château de Marsan, home to the estate’s headquarters and the winery facilities built by the Gonfrier family.

The alternation of misty mornings and sunny afternoons favours the development of “noble rot”, a fungus that allows for the concentration of sugars, aromas and flavours in grapes.


A.O.C.: Bordeaux sweet white

District: Lestiac-sur-Garonne

Vineyard surface area: 20 hectares

Terroir: Clayey-gravelly slopes

Grape varieties: 25 % Sauvignon and 75% Sémillon

Average vine age: 20 years

Viticulture : Traditional Bordeaux-style vine training, with two canes and a flat arch. Controlled grassing-down of the vine rows or mechanical working of the soil, to improve the soils’ vitality and biodiversity. Manual “green pruning”, for a homogeneous distribution and proper aeration of the grape bunches. Mechanical grape harvesting.
Sustainable farming methods are applied to the entire vineyard, which enjoys Haute Valeur Environnementale (“High Environmental Value”) certification.

Vinification: The grapes are harvested over-ripe with a high sugar potential. Following destemming, a gentle and progressive pressing in pneumatic presses. Clarification and alcoholic fermentation in stainless-steel tanks at low temperature (18-20° C). Fermentation stopped before full consumption of sugars as the residual sugar, after the mutation is 34g/l.

Ageing: In stainless-steel tanks.

Tasting notes:
A slightly golden yellow, this wine offers notes of citrus fruits such such as mandarins as well as white-fleshed fruits The mouth, light, fresh and really well-balanced confers to the wine the profile of a very nice sweet wine that you should enjoy during the aperitif, a spicy, sweet and savoury meal or while having a fruity desert.